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Need snow!

o one’s fault, I miss snow tonight!


Reflections of a city!

My relation with this city is just complicated, as much as I realise I wont fit any where else in this country! The glass is just a means to see the many aspirations and reflections of the city scape itself.


Bits of Amazonia in my life!

It was a year ago, I had this amazing chance to set foot on the plains of Amazon. The city of Belem on the shores of Atlantic didn’t look much different from the old part of Goa or Kochi on the Konakan coast of India. The travel further inside the rural amazonia islands kept reminding …

Music under NY

Traditional Chinese instrument ‘Erhu’ being played. An accidental find of the same person from 2001. A lone musician on his Trombone.. Michael Schulman of Black violin, who plays a very interesting electric violin.. The duo Tuba players.. At a deal of one dollar, she accepted my photography offer.. and a Mouth organ player…

It is soo long!

A beautiful mural uncovered from the dark walls below a subway bridge in Queens area during a small research! Click on it to see big!


On and off track!

Been walking pass this board for almost a month now, wondering why this crowd whether it be Wednesday or Sunday. Finally like in many cases, my body just walked in quiet unconsciously as if it cant hold the curiosity any more.. what exactly is going inside? A bunch of people clinched to a set of …


Misha-Ho’s journey..

Its a long journey said very short! A day of many things, 31st dec 09, things were dull until I found these orphans, ‘Misha’ and the little curious ‘Ho’ on my local subway platform, wet and frozen! Not sure if I heard them calling, but they seemed happy as I lifted them up! So we …



Published in Madhyamam weekly (March 22, 2010). Thank you so much Sajeesh!   Two uncredited publishing, left one in ‘Development issue- Sasthragathi, Nov 2009’, right one in ‘K N Raj issue -Malayalam Varika, 26th Jan 2010’. I would continue to request ‘attribution’ wherever necessary.