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A family portrait from Brazil!

Political families never intrigued me and it will ever! After all I also live in a country run by fathers, mothers, sons, daughters and uncles. Just that curiosity runs high when you reach a new country to see another family portrait flashing across election hoardings. Former governor of the state of Pará in Brazil Jader …

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Ah! the crab man..

The tiny island of São João is still in slumber from the late night new year party and booze. But someone did wake up a little early, guzzled an early mug of beer and went crabbing for the new year feast. At an unexpected camera, he excitedly opened his sack of crabs and stood plain like a …

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Bits of Amazonia in my life!

It was a year ago, I had this amazing chance to set foot on the plains of Amazon. The city of Belem on the shores of Atlantic didn’t look much different from the old part of Goa or Kochi on the Konakan coast of India. The travel further inside the rural amazonia islands kept reminding …

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