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On Kara weaves

Chitra’s journey of Kara weaves in Cranbrook Academy of Arts book accompanied by Mani chettan’s image from the local weaving society.

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Salt, Pepper & silverlinings

The upgraded look of cover page of Salt, Pepper & silverlinings edited by Abirami and Babitha.

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The Hindu features

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Salt, Pepper & silverlinings

Grandmother series of photos getting published in Salt, Pepper & silverlinings edited by Abirami and Babitha.

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Making an inclusive mountain

ETP trust’s Project 365 based on Tiruvannamalai is published in Google Arts & Culture. Making an inclusive mountain also showcases my theme Based on Religion, Politics and Cinema of Tamil Nadu.

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Lost reflections

Article on how weeds are choking the Kuttandu water ways and its effect on social economy. Online article is here.

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Lovely to see photo along some other wonderful brick structures. Brick by Phaidon press.

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Land of the lamp bearers

Cover photo for Gargi’s novel Land of the lamp bearers!

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Let’s travel somewhere!

A pleasure to see full blown pictures of Meghalaya on the web! Thank you Let’s Travel Somewhere!

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Pride of Vernacular Architecture

Pride of vernacular architecture, a photo feature on Padmanabhapuram palace published in today’s The Hindu Metro plus. Earlier blog post is here.  

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So this would be the first officially published instagram from me! Interestingly appearing in India pre election web edition of The Guardian. Subramanian, the mobile vendor goes here in The Guardian.

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Red checks and floral jackets

The story on Kochin Kavaya, the traditional dress of Anglo Indians of Portugese descent was published in The Hindu – Kochi Metro edition. A longer version of the same appears on the Kochi post. At the suburban alleys of islet Mulavukad, the air still carries the sights and smell of Portugese legacy across the lagoons. Leisurely …

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Waddling along in Kuttanad!

The story of ducks and duck farmers from Kuttanad published in The Hindu – Sunday magazine today! The write up goes here and the slideshow goes here. In Kuttanad, Kerala’s rice bowl, fields turn gold. Harvesters are abuzz, hurrying to reap the field before the summer rains strike. But as soon as the noises die …

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The photo of mundu men on the book cover by Green books. Thanks Rajesh!

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In The Hindu

The Hindu Sunday Magazine publishes the pongala story in national edition. Here is the slide show  and the text on The Hindu web edition.

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TERI book

Another Architecture book from India published by TERI, and a few of the Baker shots published again.  

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Running on empty

A photo that was taken back in 2008 while traveling in Punjab that rusted in my memory got a new lease of life as Brandon Hoops of Ethno | Traveler noticed it from afar. We had a long chat about the story behind the shot and challenges for women documentary photographers in India. He has published a …

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Architecture in India

Photographs of the Baker buildings being published in the compilation ‘Architecture in India- since 1990’.

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Bodhi commons

A photo series on the beginnings of Occupy Wall Street was published in Bodhi commons. See it here.

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Published in Madhyamam weekly (March 22, 2010). Thank you so much Sajeesh!   Two uncredited publishing, left one in ‘Development issue- Sasthragathi, Nov 2009’, right one in ‘K N Raj issue -Malayalam Varika, 26th Jan 2010’. I would continue to request ‘attribution’ wherever necessary.

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Copyright violation

A poster made by Kerala Pradesh Congress Committe for election campaign 09. I saw this poster once in Quilon town, but this copy came from friends in Sweden who got it through email, glad they recognised! Whoever designed it, never sought my permission even when a communication mechanism is running in flickr.

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Carpedim! Chasing the clouds in Meghalaya

My dear friend and co-traveller Babitha has written a beautiful piece on our Meghalayan trip. There’s a toggle key on the right corner which will zoom the slides.

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The Lighthouse book

A beautiful book compiled by Lighthouse and the Scottish Government on contemporary architecture and here goes a photograph from my CDS collection.  

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UNAIDS report

Cricket photo published in UNAIDS report.

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German Newspaper

The Photo that appeared on the German newspaper on the right and the gift that followed, Brassai In Paris! Absolutely cool!

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The photo on Teer game in Shillong published.

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Landscape journal

Published in landscape journal.  

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Faces from Meghalaya

The faces may not strike much sense to us except that they are all from Meghalaya. They represent 4 major tribes from Meghalaya Garo, Khasi, Jaintia and Dravidians. They have their origins from the Tibets, East asian khmers and South asian dravidians respectively. Thay all speak different languages and dress differently.

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Thank you Travel Photographer!

The travel photographer, compiles a lot of interesting photos, workshops and exhibitions!

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Fortean times

Published in Fortean times from UK, though the accompanied story sounds funny! They had send me a copy of that magazine, cant find it now.

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A lovely poster of Indian portraits by Karmadude.

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Dont embarass me!

Times of India’s editorial page on April 21st, 2007. I was really shocked at the same time happy to see this picture of mine added in the editorial tribute to one of the best architects India late Mr. Laurie Baker. The picture was published in national editorial without the photographer being intimated or credited. I came to know about …

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