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Beauties in stone

Tamil Nadu’s fascinating stones starting from Pudukottai, Madurai and then Myladi in Kanyakumari.

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The secret keeper!

I have strange issues dealing with memories of people..places..and all that surround them. They mostly dont mean anything the next moment as I catch them! They have to sit in my bubble jar for years, ferment under its warm bottle necks, peekaboo over the glass layers and finally push and knock on the cap door …

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Chicks and rabbits

Traveling in the Garo region of Meghalaya in 2007. Kids from Bangladesh immigrant families just gathered around to see what I’m doing with the camera! The pink Barbie girl started posing with her orange chicks, suddenly when her friend felt that’s not fair she getting all the attention. He soon appeared with his rabbit ready …

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Chinatown bokeh

Singapore Chinatown Bokehs!

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Myopic views and amnesic memory

I cant remember the place! But in some interior temple village of Karnataka where curious old women relaxed and gossiped in their verandahs.

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A boat ride

A round boat ride at the Thungabadra river near Hampi.

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To the spirit of Mumbai

From Dharavi in Mumbai for a change! Women climbed ladders to reach their home, so do roosters hang out mostly above the ground!

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Tribal villages!

Christmas of 2007 spent at the rustic Gond tribal villages of Adilabd in Andhrapradesh. While we wandered around Bethlehem like settings, the residents of the village were busy getting their fire wood from near by forest.

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Creative Tamilnadu

Colours and craft in Tamilnadu!

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A career choice in carrying!

The story is the same all over India, they carry many things over their heads!

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Previous day evening Next day early morning This was the first time when I saw a proper high/low tide in my entire life! The water almost drained from the so called shores making it possible to walk into the breakwaters for half a kilometer. An hour later in the morning, the water returned to its original shore line!! …

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On the banks of Simsang river!

Locally known as Simsang, the river starts from the nokrek peak in Meghalaya and falls in to Bangladesh. On the banks of Simsang near the village Siju where we spent an evening chasing stars.

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Beedi workers

At one of the Dinesh ‘beedi’ (Indian tobacco) co-operatives in northern Kerala. The brand ‘Dinesh beedi’ is probably one of the popular brands in the Indian beedi market! There lies the wrapper leaves which are then rolled and a pinch of tobacco is pushed at the end to finish the beedi making. Women get paid Rs 60/- per …

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Faces from Meghalaya

The faces may not strike much sense to us except that they are all from Meghalaya. They represent 4 major tribes from Meghalaya Garo, Khasi, Jaintia and Dravidians. They have their origins from the Tibets, East asian khmers and South asian dravidians respectively. Thay all speak different languages and dress differently.

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Light and shadows in Padmanabhapuram palace

So far, this has been the toughest place to shoot indoors in natural light. Beautiful palace yet lifeless in photographs without proper light + people combination. Here’s my effort to bring both the elements together!

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Thank you Travel Photographer!

The travel photographer, compiles a lot of interesting photos, workshops and exhibitions!

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Fortean times

Published in Fortean times from UK, though the accompanied story sounds funny! They had send me a copy of that magazine, cant find it now.

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A lovely poster of Indian portraits by Karmadude.

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School life!

A month spent in the north – eastern state of Meghalaya during March 2007. One of the the first things I ventured was a school sports day in Tura. As I peeked through some of their school life moments!

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Mail to Times of India

Dear Editor, I’m happy to see that my photo of a building by Padamashree Laurie Baker being published in you esteemed new paper, that too in editorial page. Same time it is really saddening to see that I am not attributed for the work I’ve done. It is really disappointing for an budding photographer like …

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Dont embarass me!

Times of India’s editorial page on April 21st, 2007. I was really shocked at the same time happy to see this picture of mine added in the editorial tribute to one of the best architects India late Mr. Laurie Baker. The picture was published in national editorial without the photographer being intimated or credited. I came to know about …

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