Misha-Ho’s journey..

Its a long journey said very short! A day of many things, 31st dec 09, things were dull until I found these orphans, ‘Misha’ and the little curious ‘Ho’ on my local subway platform, wet and frozen! Not sure if I heard them calling, but they seemed happy as I lifted them up!

So we decided to take that journey together, hopped the platform hoping to set foot on some white joy ~ snow killers were already there, tiny mounds of snow slowly melting in salt lakes!

Misha-ho seemed happy that they didn’t miss the train this time, but felt so heavy at heart for New Yorkers being so serious inside the train.

Fourteenth street buzzed with yellow bees as always!

But sad, the little Tibetan friend from Bylakuppe refused to invite Misha-ho for a photograph inside her colourful shop on 14th st!

But nothing can stop Misha-ho, we went on to venture snow covered Union square park where the first Labour day parade occurred in 1882.

And gave a cheerful laud to George Washington who was almost getting ready to fly on his horse!

Misha-ho had been loving the ‘up in the air’ experience, while my arms ached all along. Nevertheless, we noted that this was one day New Yorkers generously smiled and nodded at us!

Before getting back home, one little song Misha-ho wanted to hear from the ‘Meetles’ on New Year’s eve, and I swayed on till Misha-ho said ‘I’m done!’

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