The red-yellow bus!

Kerala transport bus aka KSRTC bus gave a hit on my scooter the other day just to remind me of their pictures I had taken earlier! Yes, the hit also triggered me to jot some of my love-hate relation with KSRTC not in any particular order. I’m sure the story is not just mine but many of yours!

  • When I fiercely argued with the bus driver for hitting my scooter from behind at the signal .
  • How can I miss the half a kilometer run backward to Alleppy bus station when the bus conductor forgot to pick my uncle.
  • The generous conductor who stopped the bus for me to vomit 🙂
  • How can I foget the innumerable fights to get those reserved seats for women.
  • How beautiful are those trips in leaking buses with open umbrellas during monsoon!
  • I will never forget the balance money KSRTC conductors are yet to return for my tickets 😉
I wouldn’t want to elaborate more stories at a time when poor KSRTC is weeping for a lost minister between election fights!
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