Sept 17, 2011 —

On the very first day of Occupy Wall Street, standing with not less than a five hundred large crowd, quiet unaware of where it’s all heading to. There were no leaders, people gathered in groups and talked their mind. There were all kinds of things from corporate greed to public transport they associated this occupation with! While youngsters still wondered if they were really going to stay back, elders shouted around groups to stay back , to use this chance to occupy the Wall Street! Yes, finally they indeed occupy the Wall Street!

More action here: Occupywallstreet. Adbusters. wearethe99percent

Oct 7, 2011 —

Going back to the Zuccotti park 20 days later since the R-evol-ution has begun. The park turned shabbier ~ but a robust hub of activities, slogans and interesting faces. It so looked a community soaked up in energy, living to the fullest! As I peeked through the corners and faces at the park..

Oct 16, 2011 –

A month old Occupy Wall street when finally occupied Times Square! It was really huge and extremely symbolic.

Nov 15, 2011 –

Occupy Wall street being evicted from the Zuccotti park just a day before it closes second month of occupation. Non violent crowd protested around the yellow clad park enveloped by barricades and police.

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