Mail to Times of India

Dear Editor,

I’m happy to see that my photo of a building by Padamashree Laurie Baker being published in you esteemed new paper, that too in editorial page. Same time it is really saddening to see that I am not attributed for the work I’ve done. It is really disappointing for an budding photographer like me. Simple attribution from your side would have been a moral boost to people like me.

The picture you have given in this editorial is taken by me here in Trivandrum. you can find this picture here in this link . If you look into the copyright agreement section of the site you can see that I used Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 (Creative Commons) license for my work. I do want people to use my work with their creative work.I dont want to control my work. I request only attribution for work I’ve done. Unfortunately you did not comply with the licensing conditions I’ve placed over my work and hence violated my copyright.

Flickr from you have downloaded the picture has an internal mechanism to contact the concerned least you could have done that. Its my friends from goa and other parts called up to tell me that my picture has been published. I have written in my profile to please let me know before using any image. I think you owe me an explanation now.

(so far I haven’t received any reply to this mail..)


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