A white storm!

First big snow of my life, still unaware that my fingers could freeze, feet could damp through cracked shoes! I ran out to my little empty town early morning, all that I remember is the excitement of seeing a white cover so large, thick and puffy!

Took the Lilliput train to where the white cover lead me, till I thought I reached Antarctica! Wandered without focus in a colorless land till I lost my metro card!

“Would you please let me in, I lost my card, forgot to bring money too?”, my hungry voice didn’t work at the Metro lady, she grumbled “It doesn’t work that way honey!”. I was more than nice that day, didn’t even try to squeeze through the entry bar!

Some ten minutes later, here comes the first catch, my hungry voice worked again “I lost my card, could you help me out?”. He stared at me to ask “Oh, from El Salvador?”, now that I’m so sure of my always doubted Spanish connection I said “yeaahh!”

“Alright! I’ll swipe you in..!”

“Thank you so much, now that I’m out of Antarctica!”, I said to myself!

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