Water weed’s own land

Every household closer to the canals in Kuttanad own a private step to the waterbody. There was a time this seemed a luxury to the city dweller in me. Weeds that wade the canals have never been a botheration to my eyes until a few years ago. The realization that the water below the green carpet can’t move or breathe beyond a point turned me worried as I spent more time living there. It carry the fertilizers and pesticides from the farm land, the sewage from the shrines above the pampa river and the waste dumped from the God’s own land’s tourist boats. Yet the life line flows through the land and its people.


  1. Hi Seema

    It was a very interesting read. It was engaging and informative at the same time.
    Your passion for the subject does shine through.

  2. “african payal” as some folks in kerala like to call it. sounds racist to me..

    i follow your work on flickr. quite the fan :)

  3. I agree to what you mentioned! Thank you so much for visiting :)

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