Always use to wonder where my pieces of photos would fit in the larger puzzle of life or would it just remain as self expression. But finally there came Cowbird and its saga of Occupy where some of my tiny observations seemed fitting. It needs writing ~ while I lost most of my writing skills in the flow of time. Hopefully will pull it back with Cowbird. For the time being its a photo collage that moves and giggles in a beautiful interface. Anyways, I have a diary in Cowbird and hopefully it will be part of larger sagas. Here is mine. Thanks to Number 27!

– From a number 17!


  1. thanks to Cowbird, stumbled across your profile, just curious to know where is ‘OWS’ heading to? As entire world stands and watches, everyone lives with an apprehension of that lurking uncertainty.

  2. Hi Mrigya, quiet a tricky question! Definitely the message has spread and many small actions are taking place in different parts. For obvious reasons main stream media has sidelined them and its not reaching public at large. OWS as such was designed till dec 31st and with eviction of the park, things have slowed down a bit. Unless and until demands have a clearer format, its very difficult to sustain in a system like America, not many takers from the political side and its all mixed up in corporate interests.

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