Brahmapuri blues and dots of red!

Alleyways of the blue city, Jodhpur! Its probably the oldest part of the city painted in blue with a magnificient view to Mehrangarh Fort . The area is called Brahmapuri since brahmins inhabited here traditionally. Most of the houses here have already survived some 22 generations and still counting! Here are some dots of red found in the blue skyline.



  1. bonjour,
    Nice serie, again..Beautiful colors..great compositions..A wonderful travel for a french!..:-)..Bravo!

  2. I found your blog on Photoblog Awards 2009. I must say that I am very glad that I clicked!

    I love that this is a multi-photo post. I feel as if I am transported to this place through your colors and the different perspectives. From rooftops to the perspective of a child! Thanks for bringing me here!

    Check me out on photoblog awards!


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