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Light and shadows in Padmanabhapuram palace

So much to ponder..

So far, this has been the toughest place to shoot indoors in natural
light. Beautiful palace yet lifeless in photographs without proper
light + people combination. Here’s my effort to bring both the elements

Soul search to Baker land!


On a soul-search to Bakerland!


cds8_smallEarthly and Airy..

On an assignement to the most beautiful Centre for Development Studies by late architect Laurie Baker. Beautiful curves, patterns and green abundance. These pictures are published on the official Laurie Baker website.

Mystiques of Malabar

Mystiques of Malabar

Mystiques of malabar

Mystiques of MalabarMystiques of Malabar

Eyes ready to fall!Dancing fairy!

Theyyam and Padayani during the onam festival in my city. Theyyam is vigorously red while Padayani soothes you through green. Both combine  dance, music, colours and believes from tribal culture which lately found a place in the main stream.


Playing high1

Resting trumpet

As celebrations set off for Onam last year.
magical light..tanned bodies..and wonderful sound.