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Mollywood on walls and shutters


Well, this is not a pressing issue in any case, but a curious look at the changing visual landscape of Kerala, discovered over a year of mundane travel across some districts. As our favourite stars Mammootty and Mohanlal migrated to brand ambassadorships of Kalyan and Malabar groups, more girls have started climbing the hoardings of local jewelery shops, not to speak of pan Kerala – Middle east jewelers!


Other local services such as tailoring, hair cutting and fancy shops resorting to cheaper versions of flex boards as opposed to hand painted hoardings. Both ways, Mollywood and its support for local businesses are in a phase of transformation in its visual form and delivery!


Super (Mega) star Mammotty is definitely existing on the walls and shutters of Kerala, perhaps the numbers and variety are a little lean compared to the diverse roles he has handled!

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Angel’s day out!

Angel's day out!

An angel made a day out to wish..kiss..and dream upon a star on a lovely summer afternoon..

Angel's day out!

She spread laughter and wonder among beholders spending a lazy afternoon..


But no Angel can fly over the rule of law in New comes a guard to remind her that she cant swirl her magic wand aimlessly in Broadway!

angel9angel 5angel6

Finally, the Angel had to pack her bags and shake her wings to walk away. Yes, even for an angel, life must move she rolled her wheels and vanished in the crowd seeking a place, where nothing would interrupt her..