September 2, 2015




Lovely to see photo along some other wonderful brick structures. Brick by Phaidon press.

July 16, 2015

TN 25

TN 25

“I’m an Auto man! Auto man who knows all the routes, have fair rate!”
(Naan Autokaaran Autokaaran Naalum Therinja Rootukaaran
Nyayamulla Roatukaaran, Nallavanga Kootukaaran) – Rajnikanth / Basha

Tiruvannamalai’s autos as windows to the region’s politics, cinema and religion. The carrier often reflects its owner’s individual leanings and the autos of Tiruvannamalai are no different. The series encapsulate the spirit of Tamil culture and how autos plays a significant role in it.Yellow as the dominant colour in each image seek continuity to the series. The series is developed as part of Project 365, working to preserve heritage of the temple town Tiruvannamalai through photography archives.

March 6, 2015

Political Affiliations

A glimpse of Tamil Nadu political images and iconography. I can’t quiet say where its heading, but certainly the affiliations are much life size and different from many other parts of the country.

August 23, 2014

Threads with Kara weaves!

Recently made a few of these tiny videos for Kara weaves!